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Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence

Acculturation is a difficult process. Many times people don't have the vocabulary to explain where they feel discomfort.
We help guide individuals and companies through the process of change and use science-backed methodologies to minimize the grief and disruption that comes before success.

Why Choose Us

Business data tells us that:

  • 67% of millennial job-seekers say diversity is an important factor in company selection

  • Diverse companies bring in 15x more sales revenue than those with low diversity levels

  • Diverse companies can capture greater market share


We understand systematic change is a long term solution that requires buy-in on multiple levels. 

By taking the time to build a 365 degree picture of the situation, we then apply cultural frameworks to manage the needed change. 



Helping You Put Systems in Place 

The "HI" in HI Equity stands for human intelligence, because we understand every person and every situation is different.


We start with a listening tour to fully understand the situation, then we collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure the solution is equitable. Finally, we help instill a strong vision and purpose behind the systematic change, so people understand why diversity is the key differentiator in any successful business.